Saturday, October 06, 2012

[NEWS] Vatican Shadow - Ornamented Walls

The third Vatican Shadow album, Ornamented Walls, will arrive next week on Manchester's Modern Love label. The techno-leaning project from Dominick Fernow, the New York-based Hospital Productions label head perhaps best known for his noise material as Prurient, has produced a string of cassette releases encased in provocative artwork, with headline-referencing titles like Washington Buries Al Qaeda Leader At Sea. Ornamented Walls will be one of only a handful of releases on a label other than his own. The first side is culled from material recorded during rehearsals for the live mix of Operation Neptune Spear, a cassette released earlier this year, while the second side features six all new tracks.

01. Operation Neptune Spear Part 1 (Live Mix Rehearsal)
02. Operation Neptune Spear Part 2 (Live Mix Rehearsal)
03. Operation Neptune Spear Part 3 (Live Mix Rehearsal)
04. Cairo Is A Haunted City (Mythic Chords)
05. Nightforce Scopes
06. Yemeni Telephone Number
07. India Has Just Tested A Nuclear Device
08. Church Of All Images (Church Of The NSA)
09. Boxes Were Wired To Batteries Then loaded Into A Brown Toyota Cargo Truck

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