Tuesday, October 09, 2012

[2012] Ekoplekz - Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 2

Ekoplekz's music is not what you would call soothing—his output is dark, noisy and often devoid of any melody or conventional rhythm for the listener to latch onto. This was especially true on Intrusive Incidentalz, which RA's Andrew Ryce described as "40 minutes of a man struggling to control his hardware, fighting to mould it into shapes that are vaguely musical." Arriving almost exactly a year later, Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 2 follows very much in the same vein as that release, compiling what the label calls "dark, oppressive atmospheres and violently unstable interludes, inspired by childhood memories of terrifying electronic soundtrack music from the 1970s." The album will be available digitally and on vinyl.

01. On Vanishing Land (intro)
02. Pendulum Waltz
03. Ringstone Round
04. Ultra Warble
05. Skala Shadow
06. Silver Rain
07. Abyss Ababa
08. Neutronik III
09. Kelvin Flats
10. Sub Continent
11. Effluvia
12. Induction Channel
13. Trubshaw Test
14. On Vanishing Land (outro)

Source: RA


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  1. Ok, so I quoted Resident Advisor... Only now do I realize how unjust this review really is! Towards the artist and also it underestimates the listener's ability to appreciate and interpret these and other such sounds. Personally I could listen to this with a cup of coffee when I get up in the morning. Objectively this is an experimental noise infused electronic contemplation worthy of your listening experience. If you liked Nick Edwards - Plekzationz you will like this because its the same guy! This is really good stuff! Monster Musik recommends it!