Tuesday, October 02, 2012

[2012] Fennesz - Fa 2012 [12'']

Past made present: 'Fa', from Christian Fennesz's 1997 debut album, Hotel Paral.lel, re-licked by Mark Fell and the man himself. It's easy to forget how techno the original record was - as eMego put it, it was intended as "an exercise in exploring alternate means of hearing club-based music" - and interestingly, not to mention pleasingly, Fennesz has done nothing to soften or slow the locomotive 4/4 throb of 'Fa' for his 2012 version, even as he makes the atmospheres that encircle and enfold the beat more complex, more crisp, more lambent this time around.

A1 Fa (Mark Fell Remix)12:06
B1 Fa 2012 9:06


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