Saturday, October 06, 2012

[2012] Matt Carlson - All Moments

Modular maestro Matt Carlson follows up the alien invention of last years 'Particle Language' LP with a lushly melodic and playful suite erring much closer to his work with Golden Retriever. As NNA's 50th release it perfectly reflects the label's explorative agenda, balancing improvised freedom with avant-garde compositional experiments and taking in shorter pop études along with mind-bending polychromatic sprawls. Apparently there was "little-to-no arpeggiation", all sounds were played in by hand and bear a distinctly human fingerprint of expression, bursting with synaesthetic colour/emotion and engrained with fizzing texture/space in an enveloping wormhole of beguiling sonorities and morphing vocoder tones.

01 A Moment 2:14
02 Raindrop Garden 9:44
03 Field Electric 3:26
04 Reality Club 3:18
05 A Lock Against Oblivion 6:42
06 Standing Wave 4:04
07 All Moments 8:47


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