Wednesday, March 10, 2010

[2010] V/A - The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol.1

Minimal Wave anthology, executive produced by Veronica Vasicka and Peanut Butter Wolf, avaialble worldwide January 26, 2010. Now exclusively available via Minimal Wave and Stones Throw.

1. “Way Out Of Living” Linear Movement
2. “Flying Turns” Crash Course In Science
3. “Radiance” Oppenheimer Analysis
4. “Who's Really Listening” Mark Lane
5. “Tempusfugit” Tara Cross
6. “Blurred” Turquoise Days
7. “Mickey, Please...” Bene Gesserit
8. “Moscú Está Helado” Esplendor Geometrico
9. “Reassurance Ritual” Das Ding
10. “Just Because” Martin Dupont
11. “Game & Performance” Deux
12. “Things I Was Due To Forget” Somnambulist
13. “My Time” Ohama
14. “The Cabinet” Das Kabinette


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