Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Here it is! Monster Musik's October Mixtape! I meant to post this on the 31st at midnight but got caught up with something else. Who cares? We all know that Everyday is Halloween! Hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

01. Black Mountain Transmitter - Black Goat of the Woods [Intro]
02. Umberto - Temple Room
03. LA Vampires Meets Zola Jesus - Bone Is Bloodstone
04. Burial Hex - Book of Delusions [Mueran Humanos Remix]
05. Burial Hex - The Saintly Death [Edit]
06. Vatican Shadow - Cairo Is A Haunted City Mythic Chords
07. Yoga - Open Sesame
08. Bardo Pond - The Cawl
09. The Haxan Cloak - The Growing
10. Lussuria - Queen of Swords Reversed
11. Master Musicians of Bukkake - Failed Future
12. Umberto - The Investigation
13. John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Hello Grandma

[320 kbps / 180 mb]

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[2012] Kreng - Works for Abattoir Ferme [2007 - 2011]

Our affection for Pepijn Caudron's ghoulishly absorbing music as Kreng is no secret - 2009's L'Autopsie Phenomenale De Dieu and last year's Grimoire both made a big impression on us. But those two records, it turns out, are the tip of a particularly chilling iceberg: as a long-time member of renowned theatre troupe Abattoir Ferme, he's been crafting suitably arcane ambiences and gothic overtures for their theatre performances for several years now. Finally, the best of these works from 2007-2011 are being collected by Miasmah across four LPs, compiled here in one box set, and it's a hugely engrossing, occasionally disturbing haul indeed.

A1 Tourniquet (Part One) 23:55
B1 Tourniquet (Part Two) 23:37
C1 Mythobarbital (Part One) 23:44
D1 Mythobarbital (Part Two) 23:46
E1 Snuff (Part One) 23:46
F1 Snuff (Part Two) 21:07
G1 Monkey (Part One) 23:12
H1 Monkey (Part Two) 22:02
I1 Monster Opening Credits 0:40
I2 The Dying Dead 3:19
I3 Hitler Needs Women 4:15
I4 Stef In Rome 1:57
I5 Color Me Crazy 2:41
J1 The House Of Nudie 5:05
J2 Tine's Exorcism 2:40
J3 It Came From The Planet 4:42
J4 Monstro 1:40

Part I:


Part II:

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[2012] The Soft Moon - Zeros

Exhilarating sophomore album from the neo cold wave vanguard. Lest we forget, Luis Vasquez's self titled 2010 debut as The Soft Moon was one of that year's finest, ranking highly in end of year lists by Fact, Wire magazine, The Quietus, and ourselves; a flawless revitalisation of early '80s post-punk and wave music's choicest memes. Arguably, 'Zeros' surpasses that LP in bounds, knuckling down to a seething, vicious blend of industrial strength 4AD/Joy Division basslines, butterfly-knifed guitar chops and leather-bound beats played with shark-eyed fervor and seared under arcing, apocalyptic synth skies. In classic style it was mostly written on the road while touring in support of his debut as a five piece band.

01 It Ends 1:51
02 Machines 2:46
03 Zeros 4:39
04 Insides 4:01
05 Remember The Future 3:23
06 Crush 3:58
07 Die Life 3:36
08 Lost Years 4:36
09 Want 3:38
10 sdnE tI 1:51

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

[2012] Andy Stott - Luxury Problems

Following on from a pair of Extended Players released in 2011 ("Passed Me By" / "We Stay Together") Andy Stott returns to Modern Love with 'Luxury Problems', an 8 track album of new material recorded over the last 12 months. Five of the tracks on the album feature the voice of Alison Skidmore, Andy's onetime Piano teacher whom he hadnt seen since he was a teenager back in 1996. There was no grand gesture in mind, it just sort of happened - but after almost a year of studio work the result is really quite unlike anything you'll have heard from him before.

01 Numb
02 Lost And Found
03 Sleepless
04 Hatch The Plan
05 Expecting
06 Luxury Problems
07 Up The Box
08 Leaving

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[2012] Demdike Stare - Elemental [UPDATE]

As promised, Demdike Stare collect their 'Elemental' album to a double-disc edition, and as warned, it's a morphed beast, comprising alternate versions and additional material in bleakest post-industrial fashion. Arguably this is their finest work to date, the result of two heads realising their ambition without compromise and in a typically enigmatic, shadowy way. By sonic sleight of hand, the smoke and mirrors effect of the sound design is potently disorienting, suspending our disbelief with masterfully immersive results. Each new scene or "cue" is rendered with meticulous attention to detail and mise en scene as to enhance the album's labyrinthine effect. But, it's what isn't revealed that leaves most to the imagination, keeping listeners guessing 'til the bitter, and when rendered/blended with such expansive, textured nuance, there are dark corners and ghostly snags which only reveal themselves after repeated listens, collaring us like a movie you've watched for the umpteenth time only to notice something startlingly new that's been there all along...

01 Untitled 3:53
02 New Use For Old Circuits 5:04
03 Mephisto's Lament 5:23
04 Kommunion (Alternate Version) 8:28
05 Unction (Alternate Version) 5:04
06 Mnemosyne 5:25
07 Shade 3:20
08 In The Wake Of Chronos (Alternate Version) 5:52
09 10th Floor Stairwell 3:47
10 Violetta 6:40
11 Metamorphosis 6:51
12 All This Is Ours (Sunrise) 7:16
13 Erosion Of Mediocrity 7:09
14 Nuance 7:41
15 Falling Off The Edge (Alternate Version) 10:24
16 Dauerlinie 5:38
17 Dasein 6:24
18 We Have Already Died 7:04
19 Ishmael's Intent 7:23

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[2012] V/A - Black Mass Rising OST [REQUEST]

Triple vinyl edition soundtrack to Shazzula's new Movie Black Mass Rising. Featuring Master Musicians Of Bukkake, Bobby Beausoleil, Makoto Kawabata, Yoga, Aluk Todolo, Burial Hex, and more! This release was requested by our fellow member Brød and Sirkus. Be sure to checkout the Requests Forum and other cool features available to Registered Forum Members!

  The Rising - Part I
01 Master Musicians Of Bukkake – Durga 6:56
02 Entrance Band, The* – Juicy's Last Dance 4:36
03 Bobby Beausoleil – Hellion Rebellion 6:30
04 Makoto Kawabata – Black Lucifer Rising Son Of A Bitch 3:43
  The Rising - Part II
05 Shazzula – Apocalyptic Dream 5:47
06 Sylvester Anfang II* – Embryo's Dochter II 6:00
07 In Zaire – Owl's Path 4:27
08 Mourning Ring – Chant Of The Invisible Builders 3:41
  The Rising - Part III
09 Rose Croix – Towers Of Deimos 4:21
10 Ga'an – Living Tribunal 8:12
11 Mater Suspiria Vision – Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse 5:52

  The Black Mass - Part I
01 Horror Illogium – Luxus Magus 4:36
02 L'Acéphale* – Passing Into Sleep 6:02
03 Cultus Sabbati – Mouth Of The Beast 8:45
04 Sayona – First Element 2:40
  The Black Mass - Part II
05 Sum Of R.* – Without Erika 6:06
06 Kinit Her – His Traces In Us 5:58
07 Yoga (5) – Greys 8:12
08 Aluk Todolo – Schwarzesonne 6:00
  The Black Mass - Part III
09 Burial Hex – Backwards Curse 5:25
10 Menace Ruine – Feu Bon (Soundtrack Vinyl Version Long Edit) 7:57
11 Demonologists – Mistress Of Decay 7:12


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