Friday, October 19, 2012

[2012] Dylan Ettinger - Lifetime Of Romance [UPDATE]

Darkwave cyberpunk intrigue from synth-wrangler Dylan Ettinger. Moving on from his kosmiche issues, Dylan deploys his own vocals to authentically grubby, DIY effect on seven leathered-up and shark-eyed experimental Wave songs. Docking in with the Neuromancer-referencing 'Wintermute' he draws us deep into his narrative with the phet-affected dissonance and rusted machine beats of 'Disparager', through to the panoramic cue 'Maude', stalking the depths of the sprawl searching for the cheapest gynoid fun on '18' before crooning the narcotic misery of 'Blue and Blue', leaving the future open to great possibilities with this awesome augmentation of his sound. TIP!

01 Wintermute 6:54
02 Sport And Superstition 5:55
03 Disparager 7:50
04 Arco Iris 3:44
05 Maude 7:53
06 18.0 2:55
07 Blue And Blue 3:35


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