Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[2012] Kreng - Works for Abattoir Ferme [2007 - 2011]

Our affection for Pepijn Caudron's ghoulishly absorbing music as Kreng is no secret - 2009's L'Autopsie Phenomenale De Dieu and last year's Grimoire both made a big impression on us. But those two records, it turns out, are the tip of a particularly chilling iceberg: as a long-time member of renowned theatre troupe Abattoir Ferme, he's been crafting suitably arcane ambiences and gothic overtures for their theatre performances for several years now. Finally, the best of these works from 2007-2011 are being collected by Miasmah across four LPs, compiled here in one box set, and it's a hugely engrossing, occasionally disturbing haul indeed.

A1 Tourniquet (Part One) 23:55
B1 Tourniquet (Part Two) 23:37
C1 Mythobarbital (Part One) 23:44
D1 Mythobarbital (Part Two) 23:46
E1 Snuff (Part One) 23:46
F1 Snuff (Part Two) 21:07
G1 Monkey (Part One) 23:12
H1 Monkey (Part Two) 22:02
I1 Monster Opening Credits 0:40
I2 The Dying Dead 3:19
I3 Hitler Needs Women 4:15
I4 Stef In Rome 1:57
I5 Color Me Crazy 2:41
J1 The House Of Nudie 5:05
J2 Tine's Exorcism 2:40
J3 It Came From The Planet 4:42
J4 Monstro 1:40

Part I:


Part II:

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