Friday, October 19, 2012

[2012] Russell Haswell - Factual

Russell Haswell is enjoying a purple patch at the moment: Factual is effectively his third album this year, following the recent 5" Vinyl Series LP on Downwards and the Scandinavian Parts live document for iDEAL, and is if that weren't enough he's soon to unveil Concrete Fence, a new collaborative project with one of modern techno's most revered figures. Haswell's stubbornly abrasive recordings, not to mention his live sets, are invariably hard-going for even the toughest and most adventurous ears, and so it may surprise some of you to learn that Factual is a diverse, dynamic and - by Hazza standards - accessible work.

01 Black Metal Instrumental Intro Demo
02 Urban No!Se
03 Killer Snakehead
04 Record Shop Day
05 Rave Nihilation
06 Sheffield


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