Friday, October 19, 2012

[2012] Jan Jelinek - Music for Fragments

Since forming the Fatiche imprint, German veteran Jan Jelinek seems to have had a shock to the system, with new releases coming thick and fast, each bubbling with the kind of understated joy that made ‘Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records’ so essential way back in the early 00s. ‘Music For Fragments’ is his latest oddity, and continues Jelinek’s flirtation with the dusty sound palate of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop while cautiously delving into his enviable canon. The first of a series of four proposed mini-LPs, this one collects up a diverse range of recordings (live, commissioned and simply unreleased) and pieces them together here for our listening pleasure. Somehow it all hangs together too – if we hadn’t have read in the press release that these tracks weren’t intended to be an album, we probably wouldn’t have realized. Whether diving into the rhythmic, frazzled electronics of his past (‘Fragments One’, ‘Fragments Two’) or the Delia Derbyshire-esque chirpy bleep of ‘Jackdaw’, Jelinek seems to have hit on a rich creative seam and one which never ceases to yield top quality results. There are plenty of artists right now trying their hand at ‘vintage’ electronic sounds, but few do it with quite the uncynical panache as Jan Jelinek.

01 Fragments One
02 Fragments Two
03 Jackdaw
04 Forest Weaver
05 Dipper
06 Wood Pigeon


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