Wednesday, October 31, 2012

[2012] The Soft Moon - Zeros

Exhilarating sophomore album from the neo cold wave vanguard. Lest we forget, Luis Vasquez's self titled 2010 debut as The Soft Moon was one of that year's finest, ranking highly in end of year lists by Fact, Wire magazine, The Quietus, and ourselves; a flawless revitalisation of early '80s post-punk and wave music's choicest memes. Arguably, 'Zeros' surpasses that LP in bounds, knuckling down to a seething, vicious blend of industrial strength 4AD/Joy Division basslines, butterfly-knifed guitar chops and leather-bound beats played with shark-eyed fervor and seared under arcing, apocalyptic synth skies. In classic style it was mostly written on the road while touring in support of his debut as a five piece band.

01 It Ends 1:51
02 Machines 2:46
03 Zeros 4:39
04 Insides 4:01
05 Remember The Future 3:23
06 Crush 3:58
07 Die Life 3:36
08 Lost Years 4:36
09 Want 3:38
10 sdnE tI 1:51

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