Thursday, October 25, 2012

[2012] Demdike Stare - Elemental [UPDATE]

As promised, Demdike Stare collect their 'Elemental' album to a double-disc edition, and as warned, it's a morphed beast, comprising alternate versions and additional material in bleakest post-industrial fashion. Arguably this is their finest work to date, the result of two heads realising their ambition without compromise and in a typically enigmatic, shadowy way. By sonic sleight of hand, the smoke and mirrors effect of the sound design is potently disorienting, suspending our disbelief with masterfully immersive results. Each new scene or "cue" is rendered with meticulous attention to detail and mise en scene as to enhance the album's labyrinthine effect. But, it's what isn't revealed that leaves most to the imagination, keeping listeners guessing 'til the bitter, and when rendered/blended with such expansive, textured nuance, there are dark corners and ghostly snags which only reveal themselves after repeated listens, collaring us like a movie you've watched for the umpteenth time only to notice something startlingly new that's been there all along...

01 Untitled 3:53
02 New Use For Old Circuits 5:04
03 Mephisto's Lament 5:23
04 Kommunion (Alternate Version) 8:28
05 Unction (Alternate Version) 5:04
06 Mnemosyne 5:25
07 Shade 3:20
08 In The Wake Of Chronos (Alternate Version) 5:52
09 10th Floor Stairwell 3:47
10 Violetta 6:40
11 Metamorphosis 6:51
12 All This Is Ours (Sunrise) 7:16
13 Erosion Of Mediocrity 7:09
14 Nuance 7:41
15 Falling Off The Edge (Alternate Version) 10:24
16 Dauerlinie 5:38
17 Dasein 6:24
18 We Have Already Died 7:04
19 Ishmael's Intent 7:23

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