Monday, October 15, 2012

[2012] Steve Moore - Light Echoes

'Light Echoes' is Steve Moore's first proper solo album since the fantastic 'Primitive Neural Pathways' (2010) and it's an absolute beauty. There are few artists out there with the vision to match or even proper approach undertakings of these proportions and the Zombi dude is at their vanguard. While many of the current retro-futurist episodes can be a lot of fun, they're often knowingly disposable. It's not so with Moore's output. The deceptive simplicity of 'Light Echoes' disguises the enduring vision and wrought intentions of its creator - his banks of classic analogue synthesizer are an extension of his glowing nervous system by the fact he's spent so long with them, resulting in the kinds of sonic imprints and spacious diffusion which can't be achieved by any shortcuts. He's done it the hard way, and it will defintiely sound like it to anyone familiar with the original kosmische visions.

01 Tyken's Rift 6:14
02 Light Echoes I 6:39
03 Aldebran Exchange 6:42
04 Light Echoes II 14:06
05 Protomorphosis 8:53
06 Ancient Shorelines II 28:05


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